Nicolas Jaar: The new Electronic America generation?

Posted: March 12, 2011 in Music, Reviews, Uncategorized
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Twenty year old Nicolas Jaar has my respect. The American Electronic music scene seriously lacks the excitement of the European scene, in this one aspect at least, Europe leads the way in creating experimental electronic music, and pushing and evolving the genre it created and nurtured. What interests me inparticular is the grass roots music that is artists at the beginning of their careers pushing their particular sound, a different take on the stuff playing most of the clubs in Germany, London, Paris (and now to an increasing extent Dublin). Ramadanman who I was only recently introduced to definitely does this, I went to see him play a set in Dublin last month, and was inpressed with his distinctive twist on dubstep that he wove into a varied but seamless set.

But New York born Nicolas Jaar creates a sound that is impossible to define, I’m struggling to fit him into a particular category, with a particular genre label because frankly he doesn’t fit into one… This excites me, I think far too many mainstream artists, as they become more established particularly, get scared of being more experimental with their music, of incorporating other sounds, crossing over into other genres and sub-genres, the result of this is fairly ‘samey’ music. Maybe it’s his age then that makes (can I call you Nic?) Nic Jaar’s work so appealing to me? A real wealth of sound across a variety of genres (house, disco, dubstep, bhangra!? et al),  something about being young, indecisive and exploritary, that causes this, but whatever it is, please don’t stop Nic I love it! So maybe the US is finally going to become a challenger to the European scene. What I’d really love to see is a completely fresh scene that is perhaps a little bit less preoccupied with image, because from an outsider that’s how it looks… A music revolution!? Maybe not.

Check out some of Nicolas Jaar’s stuff on youtube…


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