Richard Melville Hall -that’s Moby to you and me…

Posted: March 20, 2011 in Music, Reviews, Uncategorized
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Moby popularised electronic music. He did this by creating a very distinct style, with his first successful album Play having a strong ambient feel. This was the worlds first commercial taste of ambient sound, when it appeared in the early noughties it captured the New York/ eastern influenced atmosphere that was impacting western society, a society interested in new age culture. I discovered Moby while I was still at school… For me, a boy never particularly interested in metal and the type of rock that was popular at the time, it was perfect, I’ve always been a bit of a dreamer so the ambient aspect appealed greatly, the richness of the sound, the more sophisticated quality of composition. It was Moby who introduced me to the Electro Genre, an interest which grew wider and further towards the upbeat end.

These days what I particularly love about Moby is the amazing variation of style on each album. My first Moby album was 18, the one after Play, which was heavily ambient then Hotel which again was largely ambient. There was a largeish gap between Hotel and the next new release, and in this time I explored Moby’s back catalogue: I like to Score, Everything is Wrong, Animal Rights and Ambient. This was an entirely new musical education for me as the early albums really help to see the progression in Moby’s work from House towards ambient. Last Night released in 2008 was a tribute to the New York dance scene, a couple of tracks having a heavy disco influence, appealing greatly to House lovers and showing that Moby is a skilled electro all-rounder.

So to the upcoming album Destroyed. Yes an appropriately unusal title, I strongly recommend you download the EP he released, available for free download from If this is anything to go by, it promises to be closer in style to 18/ Hotel than the previous two albums Last Night and Wait For Me.  Be The One is a fantastic track and I know that come the middle of May I will be first in line in the music store.


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